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Keeping good insurance for your family

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Of all the types of insurance a family has to worry about and pay out to, Health insurance has been in the forefront since thenID-100111179 Affordable Care Act was passed. “Obamacare” has been both controversial, costly and to some, a blessing. Even though it extended health care through the expansion of Medicaid to poverty stricken masses, it still left over 28 million uninsured. 46% of those explained that it was just too expensive. While Hawaii, of all places, is where you find the least expensive health care insurance and Florida the most costly, if you live in Marion, Il you fall just about it in the middle spending around $7000 in medical costs per person annually. People without health insurance are less likely to seek out needed care and preventative services are almost always out of the question. Last year over half of the uninsured said that in the last 12 months they or someone in their home were unable to pay their medical bills.

Gone are the days when a decent job came with full medical benefits either paid wholly or at least a matching cost of premiums by the employer. The risks of remaining uninsured can be inconvenient, more costly and, in some cases, catastrophic. They can put a strain on even the moderately good income and actually threaten financial well-being. It can ravage savings accounts, take needed funds from necessities, increase borrowing or ruin your credit with collection agencies assigned to collect your debt. If that wasn’t bad enough hospitals commonly charge uninsured patients higher rates than those paid by public programs and private health insurers. Almost half of all bankruptcies in the US are caused by medical bills.

There are serious health consequences to those who remain uninsured because they receive less preventative care. The delay in catching and treating a serious illness will require more advanced, and costly, care.

Jaime is 27 years old. She is a college graduate. She has not seen a doctor since the 11th grade. She does not have any health insurance. At her salary of $20,000 per year she just can’t afford to get it and pay her utilities, rent, student loans, food and all the other things that let her survive and lead a decent life. She often thinks about what would happen to that life if she was in an accident or suffered a serious illness.

Frank was making $90000 a year working in a hospital after he was laid off due to cost cutting he lost his insurance. When an accident severed his thumb and forefinger a few weeks later, Frank lost his house.
The two stories share a common thread. Jaime should create a lifestyle in order to get insured so she knows all her efforts will not be lost. Frank is a prime example of what can happen if you don’t.

If you live in Marion, IL your choices may be better than you think. BlueCross, Aetna, Cigna, Human & United all have a large presence there. There is a myriad number of Health insurance service to help you but as always research carefully and use local health insurance agents to explore all your options.

Benefits of freight factoring to truckers

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lumber-truckFreight factoring can be beneficial to truckers in a number of ways .A trucking company could be facing challenges like financial problems for start-up operations or could be having a history of bad credit. This makes the company unable to access credit from lending institutions. Further, it could be experiencing uneven sales patterns. This is where freight factoring comes in to provide assistance to some of these problems. Trucking factoring companies should comply with the necessary business requirements when providing their services. Some of these companies can provide services for one truck owner operator to a fleet of trucks. Trucking companies can benefit in the following ways;

Cash Flow Solutions

A trucking factoring company with an experienced team can give financial assistance to truckers to improve their stability. Some even provide quick funding within 24 hours. We all understand sometimes trying to secure a financial assistance from banks and other commercial lenders can be very involving more so if it becomes impossible to convince the lenders about investments. Freight factoring can help alleviate some of those issues by covering some costs .Once the cash flow is available, it becomes easy to meet some of the short term costs that may be incurred like equipment maintenance, payment of employees, purchasing of fuel and any meeting the cost of any other need that can arise.

Credit checks services

The factoring companies can provide free credit checks, credit collections and administrative services without any charges. This will allow the trucking company to concentrate on its work. In addition it will be possible to identity shippers and different brokers who don’t pay on time. Bad debts shippers will also be noted and eliminated. The credit checks will help you know who you should work with.

Record keeping.

A factoring company will give a breakdown of all sales, purchases, billed invoices and other important records. Proper records help the trucking company to know if they are running at a profit or a loss. This will also help in speeding up the collection of payments.


The Pros and Cons of Co-Working

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office-21419_640When people of different businesses and companies – freelancers, entrepreneurs, part-timers – rent out a small office or cubicle where they can all come around to work on their own, they co-work with each other. The person on the next cubicle may not necessarily work for the same company that you do or he may not get as much money as you earn but you all come together for one purpose – to have a venue that’s conducive enough for work. Co-working in offices has turned into a common practice among freelancers and start-up entrepreneurs. For a minimal amount, they’d rent a small office space. Don’t worry about the additional expense because if in case you run out of cash, you can always apply for a payday cash advance or borrow loans. These loans are easy to apply for and can also be released on the very same day that you apply so you can use them for your room / cubicle rental.

But before you get too excited to co-work with fellow freelances or entrepreneurs, it would be good to know its pros and cons. We have listed them down for your reference.

The pros
You get exchange ideas with fellow freelancers or entrepreneurs. You have something in common and when you come to one place for work every day, you’ll find yourselves talking about your beautiful ideas every now and then. These ideas will fuel your plans and inspire you to be better.
It’s an escape from the home. If you’ve been self-employed for years, working at home can be really tiring. Sometimes, you just need to get away – away from the constant wailing of the kids, away from your neighbor’s noisy dog, etc.
It can give you the most conducive work space that you need at lower rates.
Productivity. When you work at home, you become too lax on yourself. You lose sight on your deadlines and many times, you end up sleeping the whole afternoon instead of working. When you co-work, you pace yourself as if you were a full time employee.

The cons
For start-up freelancers, it’s not always practical to co-work. When you’re starting, you’re paid minimal. Instead of spending your money on your rental, why not save it?
Distraction. Because you share your office with other people, you get distracted easily. This couldn’t have been a problem if you work at home or inside your room. While some professionals enjoy doing their job in a busy place, others, like writers and artists, prefer a quiet environment.
Invasion of privacy. While most rooms available for co-working are divided into cubicles or desks, some people, especially those who prefer to work in quiet time, find this as a major obstacle.

So, have you decided whether to get a co-working office or not? Don’t worry about the cash. If you need financial help, you can always fax an application and apply for a convenient payday loan. They are loans that are highly convenient to apply for and what’s even better is that they can be released even to individuals who have a poor credit rating.




Marijuana and the side effects of its consumption are still controversial in many countries, and a lot of debates and talks are still focused on solving the “mystery of cannabis”. Some people claim that this herb is harmless while others are strongly against the use of this plant, saying that the drug addiction is triggered by marijuana and that the road to more dangerous and “heavier” substances starts by smoking the first joint.
Both of these sides have their arguments and evidence, but the results of a study published a few days ago are revealing a new benefit of using medical marijuana.


The survey was performed in the period from 2010 to 2013, and its massive span prevented the earlier publishing of results, but it is never too late for reliable and accurate information.

The primary claim of this research is that the use of medical marijuana can help decrease the use of prescription drugs. As the study shows, an astonishing $165 million was saved in 2013 by not using medications that were prescribed by physicians.

People have opted for alternative methods of healing, predominantly medical marijuana in this case and the results were satisfying when it comes to alleviating pain but also when it comes to our overall economy.

Normally, this spells bad news for pharmaceutical companies, simply because their products will be in less demand. However, the benefit of patients should be the primary concern for doctors and medical staff, and if the marijuana provides positive effects on the patient’s state and is also cheaper – there is no need to buy expensive drugs.

Medical marijuana can help with neuropathic pain, spasms, depression, anxiety, and the most widespread usage of this herb is with glaucoma. Increased eye pressure is a serious illness, which can quickly lead to blindness, but the “ingredients” found in medical marijuana, such as THC or CBD (cannabidiol), are very efficient when it comes to relieving the pressure and reducing pain.


So far, 25 states in the US have legalized the use of medical marijuana, and California now has a legendary status since this state opened its doors to cannabis way back in 1996.

Of course, marijuana is illegal when used for recreational purposes, but healing powers of this plant and its positive effects are making more and more people aware of the fact that alternative medical treatment can be equally efficient but much less costly.

Doctors can only recommend medical marijuana, not prescribe it, and FDA (The United States Food and Drug Administration) has not yet approved the use of marijuana.

A lot more research will be conducted over the upcoming period, and trials, debates, and conferences will point the advantages and drawbacks of THC and CBD, which will prolong the legalization and cause unnecessary pain to patients. However, the results of studies, such as this recent one, are adding momentum to the side which is in favor of full legalization. It remains to be seen if other benefits of medical marijuana will be discovered, but the savings of $165 million in one year are not something that cannot be taken lightly.

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